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Friday, January 20, 2017




All Concerts in the Joey & Toby Tanenbaum Pavilion of the Art Gallery of Hamilton, 123 King Street West
Ticket includes Free Gallery Admission           

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Welcome to another season of great music and great players brought to our city from the world over.  This year we'll experience the sounds of ensembles from the reach of more continents than ever.  

It begins on October 2nd with the Chiara String Quartet. Based in Nebraska, its players hail from diverse parts of the world and found each other at Juilliard.  This is one of the world's very few string quartets that plays entirely from memory, or 'by heart' as they like to put it.  It's a substantial commitment, and a risky one but they feel musically liberated by it.  

Sunday November 13th brings us the New Zealand Quartet.  Never has a string quartet been based farther away (>14000 kilometers).  They will proudly present music of their home country as well as the ardent Grieg G minor quartet we don't often get to hear.  Also, the very effective yet not commonly heard Op.71, No.2 quartet from Haydn's tremendous output.

Speaking of rare treats, on February 12th, this season’s CMH Special Feature resonates from our stage with the theme of “string quartet and voice”.  The spellbinding soprano Carla Huhtanen and “golden” baritone, Joshua Hopkins, join Aaron Schwebel, Keith Hamm, Paul Pulford and me to bring you some famous gems, as well as music penned by some of the great masters that you might be surprised you didn’t know.  Baritone Josh Hopkins visits us while in Toronto doing the leading role of Papageno with the Canadian Opera Company’s production of The Magic Flute.        

On March 5th, the Trio Con Brio Copenhagen graces our stage, having descended upon us from Denmark the night before.  Some of you will remember their popular concert of seven years ago; the first and last visit of theirs I managed to arrange.  They will also bring something of their culture; a piece dedicated to them, which they will follow by two great classics of the nineteenth century.

On April 16th, we will be treated to the Quatuor Danel from Belgium. Having espoused the music of the Russians, and also recorded the entire fifteen-quartet Shostakovich cycle, they will bring us the hair raising Shostakovich third quartet and a cross section of vignettes from that country's 19th century, Soviet and contemporary culture.

Michael Schulte


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